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Glass Vases as Art Pieces


In a perfect world, every person would be able to have their own collection of glass art. Life without color or elegance is cold and uninviting. Glass shapes with bright colors can turn a dull room into an inviting place to enjoy. This is the beauty of glass when it is not simply a functional piece for everyday use. Many people have yet to explore the beauty of glass art and should take the time to find out more about it.

Art pieces made of glass are fashioned in many shapes, but glass vases are still popular. Some of them are made by using forms, and other pieces are pulled glass. When glass is mixed and melted, it is the same temperature as the molten lava that comes out of a volcano. In this form, it can be shaped or pulled like taffy to create an art piece. As soon as it comes out of the heat, color is added. For artists who pull their glass, they made add multiple colors and pull each in a different direction. This produces streaks inside the finished piece. If the artist wishes the entire piece of glass to be colored, it is mixed until the color blends through all the glass. Areas of heavier color can be made, and clear glass may be left in small pockets. This is a versatile material to work and shape.

Learning about glass art may make the clear glass flower vase kept in every home seem worthless and to have no value. This is untrue as there are ways to turn it into a showpiece. glass decals can be obtained in many different patterns and colors. They are easy to apply and can be custom made if necessary. For those who glass transfers, they can also be used to elevate a clear glass vase into an object to enjoy all the time. One beauty of using transfers and decals is that the vase is still usable for flowers.

Glass art is a collectible item and should never be used for holding flowers. Collectors do know that many pieces that were originally fashioned as vases were used for that purpose. Water stains help them to authenticate a piece as an original rather than a reproduction. Unfortunately for flowers, once a piece is considered art it is never used to hold flowers again.