Making Money From Art

A Day at the Glass Exhibition


There are many types of people who enjoy glass art fairs. Some of them are experienced collectors who have the means and knowledge to find and buy favorite pieces. Others are new to glass art and do not have the financial means to purchase the beautiful pieces they see. They go to fairs or exhibitions because they can enjoy the art pieces on display. They dream of the possibility of one day owning their own collection of glass and having a private display in their home.

Exhibition fairs are a great way for collectors to sell pieces they no longer want. They are also good for glass artists who have new pieces to sell or exhibit. The exhibition staff have their work cut out for them during these fairs. Glass is very fragile and there is always a concern that a piece may break. Extreme care is necessary to ensure each piece is handled properly when being placed on display. The event staff must also ensure that the visiting public is kept away from these fragile pieces.

While many might believe that a glass fair is not very exciting, they would be incorrect. Collectors are very determined when trying to outbid each other for the pieces they want. There are artists and collections that are the envy of many. Modern collectors vie with each other to see who will be able to get the best pieces on sale during the fair. They woo the sellers and work to outsmart their competition. Bidding is an active, but careful, process with serious collectors.

For artists who are new to the craft, displays are important. They must attract as much attention as possible to get their name known. Using promo girls to help attract both new and experienced collectors is one method to produce sales. Artists know they need to be seen and have their work noticed so that they can make sales. Income from their work is an important part of keeping any artist solvent enough to continue their art. Glass artists are particularly vulnerable as the world of glass is not as well-known as other art forms. Making a name early in their career makes life easier, and it helps them to expand their horizons in the world of art.